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Recent Sightings of Interest:
04-Dec-2016 KingfisherAlcedo atthis 1 Mark Collins River Santry outflow 
04-Dec-2016 PintailAnas acuta 43 Mark Collins north lagoon (high water) 
04-Dec-2016 SkylarkAlauda arvensis 8 Mark Collins north saltmarsh 
04-Dec-2016 PeregrineFalco peregrinus 1 Mark Collins north saltmarsh 
04-Dec-2016 SnipeGallinago gallinago 1 Mark Collins north saltmarsh 
03-Dec-2016 KnotCalidris canutus 125 Mark Collins Causeway 
03-Dec-2016 Grey PloverPluvialis squatarola 3 Mark Collins Causeway 
03-Dec-2016 Bar-tailed GodwitLimosa lapponica 4 Mark Collins Causeway 
03-Dec-2016 Golden PloverPluvialis apricaria 400 Mark Collins Causeway 
03-Dec-2016 DunlinCalidris alpina 650 Mark Collins Causeway 
02-Dec-2016 Red-breasted MerganserMergus serrator 7 Ciaran Dunne Bull Wall 
02-Dec-2016 Great Crested GrebePodiceps cristatus 23 Ciaran Dunne Bull Wall 
02-Dec-2016 GuillemotUria aalge 1 Ciaran Dunne Bull Wall 
01-Dec-2016 Great Crested GrebePodiceps cristatus 3 David MacPherson Sutton Creek 
01-Dec-2016 ShagPhalacrocorax aristotelis 1 David MacPherson Sutton Creek 
01-Dec-2016 Red-breasted MerganserMergus serrator 2 David MacPherson Sutton Creek 
01-Dec-2016 Long-tailed DuckClangula hymalis 1 David MacPherson Sutton Creek 
29-Nov-2016 Red-throated DiverGavia stellata 1 Ciaran Dunne Sutton Creek 
29-Nov-2016 Great Crested GrebePodiceps cristatus 69 Ciaran Dunne Sutton Creek 
29-Nov-2016 Red-breasted MerganserMergus serrator 12 Ciaran Dunne Sutton Creek 
25-Nov-2016 Great Crested GrebePodiceps cristatus 17 Ciaran Dunne Sutton Creek, Bull Wall 
25-Nov-2016 Red-breasted MerganserMergus serrator 9 Ciaran Dunne south lagoon (high water), Wooden Bridge, Bull Wall 
25-Nov-2016 Little GrebeTachybaptus ruficollis 4 Ciaran Dunne Wooden Bridge 
25-Nov-2016 StonechatSaxicola torquata 2 Ciaran Dunne Bull Wall 
25-Nov-2016 SnipeGallinago gallinago 3 Mark Collins north saltmarsh 
25-Nov-2016 LinnetCarduelis cannabina 120 Mark Collins north saltmarsh 
25-Nov-2016 Grey PloverPluvialis squatarola 5 Mark Collins Causeway 
25-Nov-2016 KingfisherAlcedo atthis 1 Mark Collins River Santry outflow 
23-Nov-2016 RavenCorvus corax 1 Tom Cooney Causeway 
23-Nov-2016 SnipeGallinago gallinago 2 Brian Carruthers Causeway 

DISTURBANCE REPORTS: reported by naturalists and the general public where excessive disturbance/damage was caused to birds, wildlife and habitats within the National Nature Reserve. PHOTOS
DateActivityNumberImpact onLocation
14-Nov-2016 Dogs off leashes 4 Birds on saltmarsh,   north saltmarsh 
10-Nov-2016 Bait-digging 5 General disturbance,  , Inter-tidal habitat,  , Invertebrates in mudflats,   Sutton Creek 
26-Oct-2016 Dogs off leashes 2 roost sites/roosting birds,   north saltmarsh, north mudflats 
20-Oct-2016 Bait-digging 3 Inter-tidal habitat,   Sutton Creek 
05-Oct-2016 Dogs off leashes 4 Birds in dunes,  , General disturbance,   Dunes northern end, the Point 
05-Oct-2016 Bait-digging 6 Inter-tidal habitat,  , Invertebrates in mudflats,   Sutton Creek, north mudflats 

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