Birds of North Bull Island - Dublin Bay
Gallery : Shelducks

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House Sparrow Grey Heron Rock Pipit Little Egret Little Egret Reed Bunting (male) Stonechat Stonechat Brent Geese Pectoral Sandpiper Pectoral Sandpiper House Sparrow House Sparrow Pintails Pintail Pintail Pintail Pintail Pintail Pintails Pintails Pintail Pintail Pintail Jackdaw Common Gull Black-headed Gull Little Grebe Little Egret Curlew Sandpiper Greenshank Meadow Pipit Oystercatchers Oystercatcher Little Egret Curlew Golden Plover Little Egret Little Egret Lesser Redpoll Bar-tailed Godwit Sanderlings Sanderling Sanderling Sanderling Sanderlings Sanderling Sanderling Sanderling Turnstone Turnstone Turnstone Turnstone Turnstone Hooded Crow Carrion x Hooded hybrid hybrid hooded x Carrion Crow Carrion x Hooded Crow Carrion x Hooded Crow Hooded x Carrion Crow hybrid Hooded x Carrion Crow hybrid Hooded x Carrion Crow hybrid hydrid Carrion x Hooded Crow Hooded Crow Hooded Crows Herring Gull Chaffinch Chaffinch Chaffinch (male) Robin Robin Linnet Linnet Linnet Redshanks Redshank Redshanks Redshank Pied Wagtail Pied Wagtail Stonechat Mute Swan Shelduck Shelduck Woodpigeon Jackdaws Swift Wigeon Short-eared Owl Short-eared Owl Short-eared Owl Short-eared Owl Whimbrel Whimbrel Whimbrel Whimbrel Whimbrel flock Whimbrel Whimbrels Wheatear Wheatear Wheatear Wheatear Oystercatcher Oystercatcher Oystercatcher Oystercatcher Red-throated Diver Red-throated Diver Red-throated Diver Black-headed Gull Black-headed Gull Black-headed Gull Black-tailed Godwit Black-tailed Godwit Redshanks and Black-tailed Godwits Black-tailed Godwit Black-tailed Godwit Black-tailed Godwit Black-tailed Godwit Lapwing Lapwing Lapwing Curlew dark-bellied Brent Goose Dark-bellied Brent Goose Little Grebe Little Grebe Little Grebe Little Grebe Stonechat Stonechat Stonechat Gadwall Reed Warbler Baird's Sandpiper Baird's Sandpiper Grasshopper Warbler Grasshopper Warbler Grasshopper Warbler Grasshopper Warbler Grasshopper Warbler Grasshopper Warbler Curlew Ruddy Shelduck Reed Bunting Ruddy Shelduck Ruddy Shelduck Ruddy Shelduck Manx Shearwater Ruddy Shelduck Ruddy Shelduck Pectoral Sandpiper Ruddy Shelduck Brent Geese Ruddy Shelduck Brent Goose Ruddy Shelduck Buff-breasted Sandpiper Ruddy Shelduck Buff-breasted Sandpiper Ruddy Shelduck Buff-breasted Sandpiper Ruddy Shelduck Buff-breasted Sandpiper Ruddy Shelduck Buff-breasted Sandpiper Little Gull Buff-breasted Sandpiper Common Tern Buff-breasted Sandpiper Purple Sandpiper Sand Martins Grey Phalarope Fieldfare Wigeon Long-eared Owl Song Thrush Sedge Warbler House Martin Sedge Warbler Yellow Wagtail Sedge Warbler Sedge Warbler Yellow Wagtail Long-eared Owl Long-eared Owl Yellow Wagtail Whimbrel Fieldfare Sand Martins Desert Wheatear Sand Martins Desert Wheatear Common Sandpiper Desert Wheatear Common Sandpiper Desert Wheatear Cuckoo Desert Wheatear Goldfinch Desert Wheatear Black-tailed Godwit Desert Wheatear Whimbrel Desert Wheatear Kestrel Desert Wheatear Swallow Little Egret Dunlin Whimbrel Willow Warbler Sand Martins Sand Martins Sand Martins Sand Martins Sand Martins Whimbrel Peregrine Curlew Sandpiper Grey Plovers Waders Common Sandpiper Little Grebe Oystercatcher Curlew Sandpiper Willow Warbler Tern flock Curlew Sandpiper Oystercatcher White Wagtail Willow Warbler Wheatear Sedge Warbler Kingfisher Curlew Arctic Tern Wheatear Curlew Little Egret Sedge Warbler Little Egret Greenshank Curlew Pintail Peregrine Lapwings Wigeon Curlew Kingfisher Kingfisher Avocet Avocet Avocet Avocet Avocet Avocet Avocet Avocet Avocet Avocet Ravens Whooper Swans Brent Geese Ringed Plovers Kingfisher Grey Plovers Little Egret Buzzard Teal Little Egrets Pintails Rock Pipit Whooper Swan Green-winged Teal Whooper Swan Green-winged Teal Whooper Swans Green-winged Teal Whooper Swans Whooper Swans Green-winged Teal Whooper Swans Whooper Swan Great Crested Grebe Whooper Swan Whooper Swan Great Crested Grebe Whooper Swan Stonechat Great Crested Grebe Sparrowhawk Teal Short-eared Owl Great Crested Grebe Short-eared Owl Whooper Swans Reed Bunting Redshank Brent Goose Redshank Kestrel Redshanks roosting Kestrel Sparrowhawk Brent Goose and Pintail Sanderling Turnstone Turnstone Short-eared Owl Short-eared Owl Whooper Swan Whooper Swans Short-eared Owl Short-eared Owl Short-eared Owl Cormorant Kestrel Kestrel Kestrel Merlins Hooded Crow Curlew Merlin Pintail Peregrine Shelduck Merlin Short-eared Owl Pintail Merlin Black-tailed Godwits Merlin Shelduck Kestrel Shelduck Kestrel Shelduck Shoveler Shelduck Black Guillemot Pintail Merlin Pintail Kestrel Kestrel Great Northern Diver Merlin Wigeon Merlin Merlin Merlin Merlin Stonechat Pintails Pintails Merlin Pintails Shelducks Lesser Yellowlegs Pintails Pintails Shelducks Shovelers Shovelers Shoveler Wigeon Jack Snipe Short-eared Owl Lesser Yellowlegs Skylark Brent Goose Lesser Yellowlegs South Mudflats Brent Geese Brent Goose Pintails Little Egret Raven Kestrel Kestrel Kestrel Kestrel Merlin Merlin Merlin Curlew Black-tailed Godwits Black-tailed Godwits Brent Geese Black-tailed Godwit Brent Geese Pink-footed Goose Brent Geese Pink-footed Goose Black-tailed Godwit Stonechat Lapwings Redshank Pintail Brent Goose Brent Goose Brent Goose juvenile Knot Oystercatcher Pintail Grey Heron Pintail Raven Pintail Raven Wigeon Shoveler Shoveler Wigeon Wigeon Shoveler Wigeon Shoveler Wigeon Shovelers Shovelers Shovelers Song Thrush Shovelers Skylark Redshanks Rehshanks Shoveler Greenshank and Redshank Curlew Curlew Shoveler Shoveler Pintails Pintail Shoveler Pintail Pintail Teal Shoveler Little Egret Shoveler Bar-tailed Godwit Little Grebe Knot Shag Robin Rock Pipit Rock Pipit Little Egret Wigeon Wigeon Wigeon Shoveler Shelduck Curlew Redshank Teal Stonechat Stonechat Merlin Red-breasted Merganser Merlin Red-breasted Merganser Red-breasted Merganser Red-breasted Mergansers Red-breasted Mergansers Red-breasted Merganser Red-breasted Merganser Red-breasted Merganser Red-breasted Merganser Red-breasted Merganser Red-breasted Merganser Red-breasted Merganser Mediterranean Gull Long-eared Owl Long-eared Owl Mediterranean Gull Mediterranean Gull Long-eared Owl Long-eared Owl Pink-footed Goose Heron Buzzard Snipe Curlew Curlew Snow Bunting Snow Bunting Cormorant Grey Heron Teal Snow Bunting Teals Teals Meadow Pipit Snow Bunting Meadow Pipit Meadow Pipit Redshanks Redshanks Redshanks Redshanks Dunnock Meadow Pipit Short-eared Owl Stonechat Kestrel Linnet Short-eared Owl Short-eared Owl Wheatear Chiffchaff Short-eared Owl Stonechat Sandwich Tern Whimbrel Whimbrels Whimbrels Whimbrel Whimbrel Whimbrel Pied Wagtail Whimbrel Brent Goose Dunlins and Sanderlings Whimbrel Mute Swans Snow Bunting Whimbrel Whimbrel Whimbrel Spoonbill Whimbrel Whimbrels Cuckoo Spoonbill Cuckoo Cuckoo Spoonbill Peregrine Peregrine Common Tern Black Guillemot Stonechat Whitethroat Sparrowhawk Black Guillemot Peregrine Dunlin Willow Warbler Willow Warbler Linnet Linnet Peregrine Willow Warbler Peregrine Ravens Common Sandpiper Ravens Little Egret Guillemot Ringed Plover Willow Warbler Grey Plovers Spotted Flycatcher Willow Warbler Blackcap Spotted Flycatcher Blackcap Chiffchaff Blackcap Black-headed Gull Hooded Crow Grey Heron Little Egret Blackcap Black-tailed Godwit Whimbrel Sparrowhawk Kingfisher Linnets Stonechat Hooded Crow Kestrel Kingfisher Kestrel Merlin Merlin Kestrel Kestrel Whooper Swans Stonechat Pintail Kingfisher Kingfisher Pintail Pintail Black-tailed Godwit Bar-tailed Godwit Kingfisher Kingfisher Stonechat Shoveler Wigeon Pintail Kingfisher Shoveler Shoveler Wigeon Black-tailed Godwit Pintail Pintail Shoveler Wigeon Black-tailed Godwit Grey Heron Pintail Turnstone Sanderling Heron Skylarks Sanderling Curlew Pintails Pintails Pintails Pintail Little Stint Little Stint Curlew Little Egret Little Egret Pintail Pintails Pintails Little Stint Merlin Merlin Peregrine Kestrel Wigeon Wigeon Teal Pintail Pintail Knots Kestrel Pintails Pintail Shelduck Knot and Bar-tailed Godwits Knot Teal Black-tailed Godwit Knot Peregrine Peregrine Pintail Pintails Red-breasted Merganser Pintails Curlew Merlin Peregrines Sabines Gull Peregrines Peregrines Peregrines Sabines Gull Long-tailed Duck Sabine's Gull Peregrines Curlew Sabine Long-tailed Duck Long-tailed Duck Sparrowhawk Sparrowhawk Long-tailed Duck Long-tailed Duck Curlew Rock Pipit Curlew Curlew Mixed Waders Grey Plovers Dunlins Long-tailed Duck Long-tailed Duck Black-headed Gull Shelduck Bar-tailed Godwit Bar-tailed Godwits Shelduck Shelduck Curlew Bar-tailed Godwit Bar-tailed Godwiits Black-tailed Godwit Coot Coot Bar-tailed Godwit Ross Gull Dunnock Kittiwake Jackdaw Lapwing Ross Gull Lapwing Shoveler Ross Gull Ross Gull Brent Geese Gannet Ross Gull Brent Geese Brent Geese Whimbrel Ross Gull Whimbrel Whimbrel Skylark Skylark Meadow Pipit Reed Bunting Sand Martin Grey Heron Eider Eider Eider Stonechat Stonechat Ruff Ruff Whimbrels Whimbrels Whimbrels Little Gulls Little Gull Reed Warbler Sedge Warbler Little Gull Sedge Warbler Sedge Warbler Little Gull Little Gull Sedge Warbler Meadow Pipit Little Gull Meadow Pipit Cuckoo Common Tern Sedge Warbler Rock Pipit Linnet Sand Martins Swift Rock Pipit Little Egret Peregrine Peregrine Swift Rock Pipit Laughing Gull Laughing Gull Scandinavian Rock pipit Laughing Gull Laughing Gull Laughing Gull Willow Warbler Stonechat Laughing Gull Grey Plovers Grey Plovers Laughing Gull Laughing Gull Laughing Gull Laughing Gull Laughing Gull Black-tailed Godwits Grey Plover Peregrine Wren Willow Warbler Wheatear Little Egret Dunlins Black-tailed Godwits Whimbrel Common Tern Sandwich Terns Kingfisher Kingfisher Common Terns Kingfisher Commic Terns Whimbrel Ringed Plover Kingfisher Ruff Common Tern Whimbrel Sedge Warbler Curlew Bar-tailed Godwit Bar-tailed Godwit Stonechat Skylark Wheatear Wheatear Grey Wagtail Kingfisher Cuckoo Short-eared Owl Short-eared Owl Short-eared Owl Willow Warbler Pintail Grey Plovers Linnet Heron Sandwich Terns Meadow Pipit Pintails Stonechat Cuckoo Redshank Merlin Cuckoo Brent Goose Redshank Little Egret Cuckoo Brent Goose Kingfisher Kingfisher Stonechat Little Egret Brent Geese Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard Pintail Wigeon Shoveler Lapwing Teal Dunlin Stonechat Pintails Dunlins roosting Dunlin Pintail Pintail Dunlins Stonechat Pintails Pintails Dunlins roosting Ringed Plover Whimbrel Curlew Merlin Grey Heron Merlin Shelduck Kittiwake Meadow Pipit Linnets Merlin Reed Bunting Stonechat Peregrine Robin Kittiwake Little Egret Grey Heron Buzzard Wren Peregrine Peregrine Bar-tailed Godwit Wren Knot and Bar-tailed Godwits Redpoll Redpoll Merlin White-tailed Eagle White-tailed Eagle Little Egret Curlew White-tailed Eagle White-tailed Eagle Kingfisher Little Egret Knot Grey Plovers Curlew Rock Pipit Rock Pipit Oystercatcher Redshank Sandwich Tern Turnstone Shovelers Pintails Sandwich Terns Spotted Redshank Merlin Pintail Spotted Redshank Spotted Redshank Wigeon Shoveler and Teal Curlew Snipe Great Northern Diver Turnstones White Wagtail White Wagtail Grey Plovers Rock Pipit Brent Geese Stonechat Rock Pipit Jack Snipe Raven Whooper Swans Sparrowhawk Twite Twite Twite Reed Bunting Rock Pipit Rock Pipit Peregrine Sanderlings Turnstone Lapwings Red Kite Red Kite Red Kite Reed Bunting Teal Pintail Shelduck Pintail Curlew Pintails Reed Bunting Pintails Lesser Black-backed Gulls Lesser Black-backed Gulls Common Sandpiper Wren Sanderling Sanderling Common Sandpiper Redwing Peregrine Peregrine Redwing White-rumped Sandpiper Skylark Bar-tailed Godwit White-rumped Sandpiper White-rumped Sandpiper Godwits Heron White-rumped Sandpiper White-rumped Sandpiper Robin Mute Swan Golden Plovers Dark-bellied Brent Cormorant Sparrowhawk Merlin Gannet Swallow Wheatears Wheatear Golden Plovers Golden Plovers Sandwich Tern Gannet dark-bellied Brent Goose Golden Plovers Whimbrels Whimbrels Whimbrels Whimbrels Golden Plovers Pied Wagtail Kestrel Skylark Skylark Golden Plovers Golden Plover Sedge Warbler Sedge Warbler Swift Swift Whimbrels Whimbrel Swift Swift Whimbrel Mediterranean Gull Glossy Ibis Glossy Ibis Whimbrel Wheatear Kestrel Sand Martin Common Sandpiper Common Sandpiper Crane Crane Little Egret Little Egret Whimbrel Whimbrel Whooper Swans Whimbrel Whimbrel Turnstone Whooper Swan Kittiwake Kittiwake Whooper Swan Mediterranean Gull Gannet Shelduck Wheatear Wheatear Kestrel Sedge Warbler Sedge Warbler Black-tailed Godwit Black Brant Black Brant Grey-bellied Brant Grey-bellied Brant Bar-tailed Godwit Black-tailed Godwit Black-tailed Godwits Kestrel Cuckoo Reed Bunting Cuckoo Sedge Warbler Linnet Sand Martin Sedge Warbler Kestrel Cuckoo Meadow Pipit Mediterranean Gull Mediterranean Gull Mediterranean Gull Common Sandpiper Common Tern Common Tern Common Tern Curlews Collared Dove House Sparrow Common Tern Sand Martin Meadow Pipit House Martin Cuckoo Sedge Warbler Cuckoo Cookoo Cuckoo Kestrel Common Sandpiper Sedge Warbler Sedge Warbler Sedge Warbler White Pelican Lapwing Kestrel Lapwing Kestrel Great White Pelican Great White Pelican Great White Pelican Kestrel Kestrel Great White Pelican Great White Pelican Kestrel Great White Pelican Great White Pelican Great White Pelican Great White Pelican Great White Pelican Great White Pelican Spotted Flycatcher Spotted Flycatcher Willow Warbler Kestrel Whitethroat Whitethroat Kestrel Mediterranean Gull Wheatear Wheatear Wheatear Mediterranean Gull Little Egret Mediterannean Gull Little Stint Common Terns Terns Roosting Little Stint Little Stints Chiffchaff Mediterranean Gull Fieldfare Fieldfare Fieldfares Fieldfare Swallows and House Martin House Martin House Martins House Martin Skylark Skylark Reed Warbler Reed Warbler Whitethroat Whitethroat Whitethroat Whitethroat Sanderling Sanderling Sanderling Sanderling Sanderling Wigeon Wigeon Peregrine Peregrine Peregrine Peregrine Peregrine Falcon Meadow Pipit Meadow Pipit quad tracks jcb tracks the point surfer paddling in lagoon Orienteering markers Motor Bike tracks on saltmarsh Disturbance Dogs SAC damage 2013 Film Crew on mudflats Film Crew on mudflats Car Tracks at the point Bait diggers 6 Nov 2013 Speed boat Speed boat Speed boat Canoeists Bait digging southern mudflats Bait digging southern mudflats Bait digging southern mudflats Dogs on mudflats Bait digging southern mudflats Canoe up creek with paddle! Canoe and dogs on south mudflat Boat on north salt-marsh at high tide Shellfish collecting Dog chasing waders southern mudflats Dog chasing Brent Geese southern mudflats Bait Diggers Crabbing Sand-kite Surfing bait diggers Dogs chasing roosting birds north saltmarsh Canoe event on southern saltmarsh Gannet Gannet Gannet Whinchat Whinchat Whinchat Whinchat Whinchat Whinchat Goldfinch Goldfinch Goldfinch Mute Swan Mute Swans Mute Swans Mute Swans Common Scoters Common Scoter Marsh Harrier Marsh Harrier Teal Teal Teal Teal Teal Long-tailed Tit Sedge Warbler Sedge Warbler Sedge Warbler Buzzard Common Buzzard Common Buzzard Arctic Tern Arctic Tern Grey Wagtail Grey Wagtail Grey Wagtail Ringed Plover Ringed Plovers Ringed Plover Ringed Plover Ringed Plover Snipe Osprey Purple Sandpiper Redpoll Redpoll Redpoll Redpoll Greenshank Greenshank Greenshank Greenshank Wheatear Wheatear Arctic Skua Arctic Skua Goldfinches Terek Sandpiper Goldcrest Goldcrest Coot Coot Coot Coot Raven Ravens Cormorant Cormorant Ring-billed Gull Ring-billed Gull Barn Swallow Barn Swallow Swallow Swallow Sparrowhawk Sparrowhawk Sparrowhawk Chiffchaff Chiffchaff Chiffchaff Greylag Goose Greylag Goose Song Thrush Song Thrush Song Thrush Tufted Ducks Greenfinch Greenfinch Shelduck Shelduck with young Shelduck Little Sint Kingfisher Garganey Garganey Blue-winged Teal Blue-winged Teal Sand Martin Sand Martins Sand Martin Mistle Thrush Black Redstart Stock Dove Grey Phalarope Grey Phalarope Grey Phalarope Grey Phalarope Heron Guillemot Guillemot Guillemot Rook White-fronted Geese Jack Snipe Common Gull Redshanks Carrion Crow Shelduck Great Northern Diver Swallow Gadwall Gadwall Manx Shearwater Manx Shearwater Oystercatcher Goldeneyes Great Crested Grebes Moorhen Coal Tit Eider Eider Mallard Mallard Black Swan Dunnock Canoes at north saltmarsh Collared Dove Dunnock Jackdaw
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