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I have been recording birds at North Bull Island since 1971 and have published research papers on different species that occur. I have also maintained the islands checklist for over 40 years.

Queries about job placements and tours

Please note: there are no job placements available via this website ( or the sister website North Bull Island Wildlife ( DO NOT send CVs or queries about work placements - they will not receive a response. School tours are not facilitated.

This website is not affiliated to any nature organisations in Ireland. The primary function of this website is to (1) encourage data recording and (2), to promote a greater interest in Ornithology and Biodiversity on the North Bull Island.

1. This is a non-profit making and privately owned website.
2. Data and photographs are displayed at the sole discretion of the website owner.
3. Only observations provided by the public are displayed. Due to concerns over 'web scraping' and to protect data copyright, information on previous and on-going survey work will not be published online. This policy also applies to data on sensitive species (including flora and insects).
4. Anyone requiring information or clarification on the legal status of habitats and species are advised to consult the relevant Irish and European legislation or statutory authorities. Information presented on this website is based on a general understanding of environmental legislation.
5. The large database will not be made available for commercial contracts or environmental consultants.
6. The owner does not accept responsibility for visitor safety when visiting the island.

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